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The Dutch Teaplanter

James Taylor from Scotland arrived in 1852 on the British island of Ceylon, the former name of Sri Lanka. On June 20, 2019, Marcel Vogel arrived via a brisk walk through the forest together with his Axxent colleagues on the farmland of Tea by Me in Zundert. 

Bradley's tea Fairtrade & Organic - new

The Bradley's tea brand renews Fairtrade and organic tea line

The Bradley's tea brand renews its Fairtrade and organic tea product line and introduces it under the name of Bradley's Organic. Almost all facets of the product have been taken care of: from the box and the graphic design to the composition of the tea blends.

Tea of ​​Life introduces second Fairtrade tea line for hot-drink machines

It is also becoming easier on the work floor to choose Fairtrade tea. Many large companies and institutions use vending machines for coffee, tea and chocolate milk. The choice for Fairtrade tea for these specific vending machines has been limited so far. Tea of ​​Life changes this by expanding the range with a Fairtrade and certified organic tea suitable for hot-drink machines.

Marcel Vogel 25 years in coffee and tea

If you have been in the business for 25 years, then that is reason for a celebration. Marcel Vogel, co-owner and founder of Axxent Masters in Tea, has therefore decided to roast his own anniversary coffee. Read his story about the origin of this 'signature coffee'.

Rooibos shortage



We have successfully completed the IFS Broker audit by DNV-GL. We have achieved the IFS Broker HIGHER LEVEL certification by a score of 98.48% in the A-category.

Heren van de Thee - The Tea Lords

'Ééééén kopje koffieeee! Wie is geen fan van deze hit van VOF De Kunst? Maar dertig jaar na dato is het tijd voor wat afwisseling. Thee is letterlijk HOT. Waar het vroeger een suf en stoffig imago had, zien we grote aantallen liefhebbers massaal aan de thee. Waarom? 

We drink tea

On Friday April 7th, Axxent Masters in Tea celebrated its 10th anniversary with family and friends.

Dutch Tea Championship 2017

We can announce with pride that we're sponsoring the Dutch Tea Championship 2017 with our brands Bradley's and Thee Van Oordt!

Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2017

BREAKING NEWS: you can find Thee Van Oordt with a beautiful stand at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival on the 11th and 12th of March!

Running for the Fair-grounds Foundation

We are delighted to announce that 4 employees of Axxent Masters in Tea will participate in the 37th edition of the Business Marathon of Rotterdam as ‘Fair-grounds Foundation'.

Taste of Spring Limited Edition

Although it is still winter, we are already looking forward to spring. This year we will be presenting a spring tea for the first time.

Theetrends voor de Horeca

Wat zijn de theetrends voor de horeca in 2017? Arnoud Francken zette op de vakbeurs Horecava 2017, tien theetrends op een rij!

Merry Christmas and a happy 2017

We thank you for your support in 2016 and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy 2017


10 years ago they had a dream. Changing the 'boring' tea world and introducing fresh innovative tea concepts. 

Visit us at Gastvrij Rotterdam and try the new Tea of Life cubes!

At this hospitality exhibition in the harbor city of Rotterdam, all hospitality enthusiasts from the Netherlands will get together for 3 days (19-21th September) to discover the latest products and trends and join some workshops, demonstrations, competitions and masterclasses.

Tea of Life expands with Pyramids Fairtrade Cubes

Tea of Life expands with an assortment of individually packed pyramids containing 12 delicious Fairtrade flavours.

Tea of Life Fairtade week 2016

The spring edition of the Fairtrade week is coming up in the Netherlands from 7th until May 15th.

New Fair-grounds child care centre on Vellaioya Estate

Fair-grounds Foundation opens new child care centre

Looking back at the Biofach 2016

With great pride we exhibited at Biofach 2016!

Organic tea is our natural choice!

New organic range at the Biofach 2016!


New website Axxent Masters in Tea

Limited Edition Winter tea

As an extension to our Tea of Life Fairtrade enveloped range we are introducing a delicious seasonal tea. 

NEW – CEYLON TEA - 100 teabags

As an extension to our Tea of Life Fairtrade enveloped 100x2g range we are introducing a pure Ceylon tea.

Marcel Vogel 25 years in coffee and tea

Marcel Vogel 25 years in coffee and tea


If you have been in the business for 25 years, then that is reason for a celebration. Marcel Vogel, co-owner and founder of Axxent Masters in Tea, has therefore decided to roast his own anniversary coffee. Read his story about the origin of this 'signature coffee'.

In your daily life, you prefer to surround yourself with things that make you happy. You cherish your loved ones, your friends and your family. You develop yourself by doing work where you challenge, stimulate and seduce yourself. You stand up for that every morning. With or without coffee. Sometimes you have the luck that you have work that feels like a dream job. Of course that does not just happen, but how wonderful is it to see that many opportunities and challenges that you get in your life, often turn out to be the same thread. The common thread in my life is coffee. When I started studying - with my diploma from high school in my pocket - I could not have imagined that coffee would play such an important role in my life. Now I can not imagine a life without coffee. Not only to start my day with it every morning, but because of the inspiration it gives me and the admiration I feel in the process from berry to bean. It made me decide to do something special. To celebrate that I have been in the business for 25 years, I took up the challenge and developed my own anniversary coffee.

With due pride and incredible respect for the partners who have taught me so much in all aspects of this process, I look at my own Gourmet fancy, single estate 100% Arabica. A Signature Coffee with origin Costa Rica. Together with coffee farmer Oscar Chacon of the Las Lajas farm from Costa Rica and with the Dutch coffee connoisseurs Michiel Lampers, trader at The Coffee Quest and coffee roaster Jasper Overdevest of Nordkapp Coffee, I have been able to develop a coffee that has been made to my personal taste. This coffee was produced in a small edition and is the anniversary gift for my friends and relations. I like to share my story about how this coffee originated. It is a story that is close to me. A story that reflects my incessant fascination with coffee, in all its facets.

69 kilos. Lot 27. That was my destiny and my happiness. 'My dream come true'. I know exactly where this lot was harvested and dried at coffee estate Las Lajas. During a memorable trip through Costa Rica, I visited several coffee estates. I met Oscar, a small farmer with an estate from the Chacon family. This is where the adventure really started. His coffee bushes grow on the fertile soil at the edges of the still active Poas volcano in Alajuela. The feeling that I get from a walk with him through his farm, through the coffee bushes, is indescribable. The harvest period was long gone, but somewhere I found a red berry. Would that have been a sign? Oscar took plenty of time for me to explain his personal business methods. About the system of aqua pulp, which forms the basis for the honey-like taste of the beans and the drying process, in which the flesh stays around the bean so that it gets that special flavor. That day I decided to try and produce my own coffee. Because I am so crazy about that product and because I have been in the business for 25 years.

After my International Business study in Enschede, I got acquainted with the world of coffee in my first job and started my fascination with the product. As an export trainee I went to work at De Drie Mollen, a coffee roaster and tea company in Den Bosch. After my traineeship I stayed there for a very nice period of ten years and worked as Export Director. After this period I got the opportunity to work as commercial director at Arcus Koffie en Thee. At Arcus I introduced a line of single origin coffees. My favorite was the coffee from Costa Rica. We had a pack design with a golden stamp in our assortment, on which the origin of the country was portrayed. Costa Rica has always remained my favorite coffee country. After working there for five years, I set up our current Axxent business with my business partner Arnoud. Both of us could not imagine a life without coffee, to put it a little bit dramatic. In the course of time, the focus shifted from coffee to tea. But the passion for coffee has never disappeared.

When I arrived in the Netherlands, I went looking for the trader who imports the coffee from Las Lajas. Jasper Overdevest, an independent coffee roaster who offered to help me with the roasting process, knew who I should contact. I had already met with Jasper a long time ago. He was our barista in 2008 at the stand of a trade fair and we have kept in touch since then. When he wanted to enter into his own entrepreneurship through crowdfunding, we invested in him at the time. He now roasts his own coffee brand Nordkapp in the VechtclubXL in Utrecht. Jasper, like me, has the same passionate look in his eyes when he roasts beans. I remember the time that every Friday afternoon I started to roast my own coffee beans out of love for coffee and recognize that passion for that beautiful process at Jasper.

Contact was made with Michiel Lampers. A coffee connoisseur pur sang. He quickly became enthusiastic about my plans and organized in a short time a bag of 69 kilos with the coffee beans from the Las Lajas Estate of Oscar. It was time for the first roasting of the 100% Arabica beans, packed in a to me already memorable jute bag with decription 'Single estate 100% Arabica and SHB'. SHB stands for Strictly Hard Bean. When the bag is opened you can smell the good quality of the then still raw green coffee. Under the guidance of Jasper I fill the roaster with the first spit of six kilos. We look at how the beans turn in the display window of the drum roaster. The roaster is set to go from 180 to 202 degrees Celsius. The coffee bean undergoes a true metamorphosis while roasting: the bean loses moisture, turns from green to brown, becomes larger and 'cracks' just like popcorn. The first 'crack' takes place after about 12 minutes. When I reach the desired roasting time I pull open the roaster and when the beans cool down we smell the fruity scent of plum. The attempt to get that honey flavor that is characteristic of Las Lajas beans, with the fruit and caramel, has succeeded. A nice roasted yield of 82.6% appears to come from the raw beans. It is ground and served and the flavors of caramel and fruit come up well. This also when the coffee is broken to taste. The flavor wheel describes the first roasting of my Signature Coffee and I am incredibly excited to celebrate it.

Las Lajas' first roasting: nutty, caramel, low acidity, slightly fruit - plum on the side of the tongue, soft, not bitter and a nice drink, medium roast, whole beans.

Coffee is beautiful, it is the most traded product in the world. The places where coffee grows are breathtakingly beautiful, I have experienced that myself; the production process is unique and laborious. This makes it a wonderful craft. Worldwide there are a lot of people working in this industry - from the origin to the local roasters. With my 25-year jubilee, a dream came true for me and I have been able to make the passion for coffee concrete by roasting this personal coffee. Hopefully those who will be surprised with this coffee will enjoy as much as I enjoyed all the beautiful work that preceded it.

Marcel Vogel
Founder and co-owner of Axxent Masters in Tea

The people who can put their stamp on the Signature Coffee from Marcel:

Oscar Chacon is part of an authentic coffee family and has an 'estate' called Las Lagas near the Poas volcano in Costa Rica, a fertile area where coffee is grown with a refined, individual flavor by an original 'Penagos Aquapulper' and with special drying beds. Oscar has toured Marcel on his estate near the volcano and talks about his way of working, so that he has a lively image of hand-picked coffee. The Perla Negra coffee from Las Lagas is now a big hit in the metropolis of Berlin.

Jasper Overdevest is a micro roaster. In the VechtclubXL in Utrecht he roasts his own coffee brand Nordkapp. Marcel knows Jasper as a barista from the profession and has invested in the successful crowdfunding project of Jasper to set up Nordkapp two years ago. In his roasting department he roasts fresh coffee, espresso and filter every week. In addition to a number of blends, he also has a changing range of single farm coffees.

Michiel Lampers of The Coffee Quest has laid the bridge for making Marcel's signature coffee possible. He imports coffee from around the world and he turned out to be the person who buys coffee from the Chacon family's estate. Marcel has received a lot of extra knowledge about coffee from this expert with whom he has been able to share his passion for coffee.


Text: Leonieke Borrie / Marcel Vogel Photography: Margot Vogel

Via the youtube link you can watch the whole process (desktop only). 



Marcel Vogel 25 years in coffee and tea :
Marcel Vogel 25 years in coffee and tea :
Marcel Vogel 25 years in coffee and tea :
Marcel Vogel 25 years in coffee and tea :
Marcel Vogel 25 years in coffee and tea :
Marcel Vogel 25 years in coffee and tea :
Marcel Vogel 25 years in coffee and tea :